How do I Create or Edit a Facility?



In this article, you will learn how to create a new facility, or edit an existing facility.

  Before You Start

Create Facility Types and General Ledger Accounts that are appropriate for your organization. To do this, navigate to the Admin Tab, and select to Manage Custom Lists. See How Do I Set Up Custom Drop Down Lists?

  From the Dashboard, click on the Facilities tab, and then click Add New Facility if you are creating a new facility, or click on the facility itself to edit a previously created facility.

Creating or Editing a Facility


Creating a New Facility

  1. Assign the Facility a Name and Facility Type.
  2. If this is a primary, or "parent" facility, check the Primary Facility check box.
  3. If this facility is a part of a larger "parent" facility, select that facility from the Parent Facility drop down.
  4. Enter Address Line 1, Address Line 2 (where applicable), City, State and Zip Code.
  5. Enter a Description, Note (max 1000 characters) and Capacity as needed.
  6. If you wish to include Notes (max 5000 characters) on the reservee's receipt, check Include Notes on Receipt.
  7. If you'd like this Facility to appear on the Community site, check Show Facility on Portal.
  8. If you'd like this Facility's Hours to appear on the Community site, check Show Hours on Portal.
  9. If you'd like this Facility's Calendar to appear on the Community site, check Show Calendar on Portal.
  10. (Optional) Choose a Permit Template to associate with reservations of this facility. See How do I Create and Use a Facility Permit?
  11. Optionally enter Default Setup and/or Teardown Times to be added to each reservation.
  12. If you associate a General Ledger Account Code with reservations for this facility, select the appropriate accounts for the Fee portion and the Deposit portion under the Accounting (for paid reservations) section.
  13. If you assess a Sales Tax to reservations for this facility, select the appropriate rate from the drop down.
  14. Enter the facility Hours of Operation.
  15. If you'd like to add Images of your Facility, see What is Embed Code and Where Can I Get it?
  16. If you'd like to allow Facility Check-Ins, click Check-In Enabled (enabled by default); see What is Attended Check-In and How Do I Use It? .
  17. If you'd like to allow Facility Check-Outs, click Check-Out Enabled (enabled by default); see What is Attended Check-Out and How Do I Use It?.
    1. When Check-Out is enabled, you must select a Check-Out Look-back Period which defines how far back you can see check-ins to perform check-outs on. You can choose either Midnight (default), or you can select Custom (in minutes). Minutes must be limited to one day (1440 minutes). 
  18. If you'd like all online reservations to require approval, check Require Reservation Approval.
  19. If you'd like to prevent other renters from reserving this facility when there are Pending Reservations for a time slot, check Include Pending in Conflict Checking.
  20.  Click Save.


Editing a Facility

        1. Select the facility from the facility list that you wish to edit by clicking the facility name
        2. Click the green edit button on the Facility Info page and make any changes
        3. Click through each tab to make appropriate changes to the facility.

  Always remember to click save after making changes on each page.


Any facility that has programs in it, memberships checking in to it, or reservations happening in it should be built in the Facility List.


  • Facility Type allows facilities to be categorized for patron searching ease in the community portal.
  • Primary Facility simply means that it contains other facilities used by your organization. An example might be a Recreation Center with multiple classrooms and multi-purpose rooms. A facility designated as a Primary Facility can then be chosen as a Parent Facility when creating the separate entries for each of the classrooms/multi-purpose rooms. The advantage is that these newly created facilities inherit the Parent Facility's address and hours of operation attributes and do not have to be reentered. Additionally, when the address and hours of operation for a Primary Facility are updated, the updates are reflected in all other facilities that have designated that facility as a Parent Facility.
  • Sales Tax only applies to the base fee, not the deposit amount.
  • Notes can be included on the receipt if the box below the note field is checked
  • Hours of Operation are presented as informational to the end user, not what determines the online reservation availability
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