How do I Manage Inventory at my Location?



You can manage inventory of your items at each POS Location. In this article you will learn how this is done.

  Before You Start

You can only Manage Inventory of an Item if the Item has Track Inventory checked. See How do I Create an Item to Sell?

  Click on the POS tab and then click on the Item name.


Managing Inventory

  1. Click on the Manage Inventory button
  2. Click Manually Adjust for a Location to Add, Subtract, or Transfer Inventory of that Item
    • To Add Inventory, choose the Add Inventory option from the Actions drop down
    • To Subtract Inventory, choose the Subtract Inventory option from the Actions drop down
    • To Transfer Inventory to another Location, choose the Transfer Inventory option from the Actions drop down, and choose the Transfer To Location from the drop down
  3. Enter the Quantity of the Inventory Adjustment
  4. Optionally add a Note to the Inventory Adjustment
  5. Click Save.
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