How do I Manage Multiple Registers at One Location?



RecDesk can be configured to allow multiple registers at one location in order to "cash out" different registers at a single location. In this articvle you'll learn how to add a register. open and close the register, and view shift detail information.

  Before You Start

If you'd like this capability and don't already have it, please contact your RecDesk Customer Success Manager to activate this feature. 

  Navigate to the Locations subpage of POS, and click on View Registers for a Location.


Adding a Register to a Location

  1. Click the Add Register button
  2. Enter a Register Name
  3. Click Save.

Opening a Register

There are two ways to open a register. If opening the register outside of entering the terminal, follow the steps below. If opening the register just before making sales, see How do I Open My POS Terminal?

  1. Click on the name of the Register
  2. Click on the Open Register button
  3. Enter the Opening Cash Balance for the Register
  4. Optionally enter a Note
  5. Click  the Open Register button.

That Register is now Open when you choose it when going to the POS terminal.

Closing an Open Register

There are two ways to close a register. If closing the register outside of the terminal, follow the steps below. If closing the register after completing a shift, see

  1. Click on the name of the Open Register
  2. Click on the Close Register button. The Expected Cash Balance will be shown which is calculated as follows: Opening Balance + Sales - Returns
  3. Enter the Counted Cash Balance from the Register
  4. Optionally add a Note
  5. Click the Close Register button.

The Shift Detail for that Register will display.

Viewing Shift Detail

  1. Click on the name of the Register
  2. Click on See detail for the shift you'd like to view.



  • Directors and Assistant Directors are authorized to Manage Registers.
  • Each Location is equipped with a Main Register which can be renamed by clicking on the name of the register and then clicking the Edit Register button. Rename your Register and click Save.
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