What is RecDesk Access Control?



RecDesk supports Local Access Control via partnerships and integrations with access control experts. In this article, you'll learn more about this feature integration.

  Before You Start

This is a premium integration. Please contact your RecDesk Customer Success Manager for more information and pricing of this feature.

RecDesk Access Control

With RecDesk Access Control, Memberships managed on our platform seamlessly integrate with local access control hardware to allow for:

  • Granular access across multiple Entry Points
  • Easy Assignment of Cards/Fobs/Mobile Phone credentials
  • Varying Access Control groups across Membership Types (Entry Points, Time of Day)
  • Automatic Renewal and Expiration of access based on RecDesk Membership status
  • Automatic recording of local access control Check Ins in RecDesk
  • Easy direct Grant/Revoke of access privileges through RecDesk Director
  • Grant Access on Reservations and Custom Access
  • More

We’re excited to be partnering with the following companies to bring our customers this great new feature:

Kisi (visit Kisi)

Kisi is the industry-leading physical security system for modern facilities. Their simple web dashboard and easy-to-use app save administrators and employees time, result in fewer interruptions, and add up to a positive work experience day after day. Kisi is the only access system that offers a future proof end-to-end solution.

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S2 Security (visit S2 Security)

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