Which Signature Pad Works with FlexForms?



In this article you will learn which signature pad works with RecDesk FlexForms and how to install it.

  Before You Start

Only download and install the sigweb version of the software (shown below). Do not download the app version of the software or install any extensions for it. If you have already installed the app version of the software, you must uninstall the app version before installing the sigweb version.

FlexForms Compatible Signature Pad

Topaz Model T-L460-HSB-R - see Google Shopping

Installation Instructions (make sure you have administrative access to the PC)

  1. Download install package from: https://www.topazsystems.com/software/sigweb.exe
  2. Once downloaded, close out all browsers
  3. Make sure signature pad is not plugged in yet
  4. Run the executable to install
  5. Enter parts of the model number when prompted based on this: T-L460-HSB-R
  6. Once installed, plug the Signature Pad into an open USB port
  7. Test the installation by going to a flexform, clicking in the signature box, and then signing with the signature pad.


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