How do I Add a Tag to an Instructor, Coach, or Volunteer?



RecDesk allows you to add Tags to Personnel/Volunteers to easily search for all Personnel/Volunteers labeled with that Tag. In this article you will learn how to add a tag to and Instructor, Coach, or Volunteer.

  Before You Start

You will need a RecDesk User Role of Director or Assistant Director to add a tag to Personnel or Volunteers

Before tagging Personnel/Volunteers, be sure to add any/all Tags you'd like to place on Personnel/Volunteers. See How Do I Create Tags?

 Click Admin then Personnel/Volunteer List. 


How to Add a Tag to an Instructor, Coach, or Volunteer

  1. Click on a Personnel/Violunteer name
  2. Click Add Tag(s)
  3. Check off any and all Tags that apply to this Personnel/Volunteer


After adding tags to Personnel/Volunteers, you are ready to do Advanced Personnel Searches. See What is the Personnel/Volunteer List and How do I Perform Advanced Searches on it?

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