How Do I View or Edit a Check-in?



In this article, you will learn how to review or edit check-ins.

Where do I find the check-in's to review or edit?

Facility, Membership and Drop In Program Check In details, can be viewed or edited by going to any of the following locations in RecDesk.

  1. Membership Check-in tab within a specific Membership
  2. Member Check-in tab within a specific Member Profile
  3. Facility Check-in tab within the specific Facility

Membership Check-in tab:


Member Check-in tab:


Facility Check-in tab:

How to view or edit the details of a check-in

  1. Click on the Details button to the left of the check-in you are wishing to work with
  2. Once you click on the Details button you will be brought to the check in detail and can view the check-in details, or edit it by clicking on the Edit button.



From the Facility Check-in tab you can also view the failed check-in's and Check-in totals.


Unsuccessful check-in's will only be listed if the Member checked-in by using a unique member ID barcode.

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