How do I Open My POS Terminal?



In this article you will learn how to Ppen a Point of Sale Register from the Terminal.

  Before You Start

You must follow all steps under Getting Started with POS before you can open a POS Terminal. See Getting Started with POS.


Opening a POS Terminal

  1. Depending on your RecDesk User Role, you open the POS terminal in a different way:
    • POS Cashiers and POS Shift Managers: Log into RecDesk Director
    • Non-POS Cashiers: Click on the Go To POS button on the right-hand side of the screen or click on the POS Terminal from the POS submenu
  2. Select the Location from the drop down
  3. If your system is configured with multiple Registers per Location, select a Register from the drop down (see How do I Manage Multiple Registers at One Location?). If the Register is not yet open, enter the Opening Cash Balance and optionally a Note to open the register. See * in Notes here.
  4. If using a Thermal Printer, check off Enable Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer. See How Can I Print on a Thermal Printer and Open a Cash Drawer from a POS Terminal?
  5. Click Next. See ** in Notes here.

The POS Terminal will appear with all Items Available at that Location. See How do I Choose the Items For Sale on Each Terminal?


* If you do not have a role of Director, Assistant Director, or POS Shift Manager, you must get a manager's approval by having a Director, Assistant Director, or POS Shift Manager type his/her User Name and Password under "Manager Approval Required".

** Note: You will only be prompted to select a Location/Register the first time you go to the POS Terminal during your login session. After that, when reopening the POS Terminal, you can change Locations/Registers by clicking on the Change Location link beside the name of the Location/Register.

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