How do I View Recent POS Transactions?



In this article you will learn how to view recent POS transactions.

 Open the POS Terminal. See How do I Open My POS Terminal? Then click on or touch the POS Actions drop down and select View Recent Transactions.


Viewing Recent Sales

  • The Period Start and Period End Dates will default to the current date. You can optionally change these dates if you'd like
  • Click on or touch the Returns tab.

Viewing Recent Returns

  • View Recent Sales for a period and Location
  • Choose the Location from which to view Recent Transactions from the Location drop down
  • Click or touch Apply.

Viewing Details

  • Click or touch the Details button for the transaction to view Details
  • Sales transaction receipts can optionally be printed by clicking or touching Print 
  • Click or touch Return to List to return to Recent Transactions, or Return to Register to continue selling.


If you'd like to void a POS transaction, see How do I Void a POS Transaction?

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