How do I Sell Items on a POS Terminal?




Selling Items is easy with the RecDesk POS Terminal. You'll learn how it is done in this article.

  Before You Start

  • When selling Items, be sure that the Terminal is in Sale Mode, which is the default mode you are in when first opening the Terminal.
  • To change the Sale Item buttons to a list, click on the Display as list option next to Views.

 Open the POS Terminal. See How do I Open My POS Terminal?


Selling an Item on a POS Terminal

  • To Add an Item to the Cart, do one of the following:
    1. Click on or touch an Item
    2. Search for an Item by entering any part of the name of the Item in the box labeled  Search or scan items..., and click on the Item name from the drop down
    3. Scan the item if it has a Sku defined. See How do I Create an Item to Sell? See * in Notes here.
  • To Increase or Decrease Quantity of an Item, do one of the following:
    1. Click on or touch the or the   or the  button
    2. Enter any part of the name of the Item in the box labeled  Search or scan items..., and click on the Item name from the drop down (to increase)
    3. Click on the Item again (to increase)
    4. Scan the Item again (to increase). See * in Notes here.
  • To Adjust the Unit Price of an item in the cart, click on the pencil icon (Modify Price) next to the unit price, then enter the New Price and click Modify Price. See *** in Notes here
  • To Remove All the Quantity of an Item from the Cart, click on or touch the  
  • To see a filtered list of Items by Category, click on the Category name on the lower left of the Terminal
  • If you'd like to apply a POS Discount/Coupon Code, click on Apply Discount/Coupon and select the Discount Scheme from the drop down. Then click Apply. See How do I Set Up Custom Categories and Drop Down Lists? to add/remove Discounts/Coupons and to Enable/Disable this feature.
  • Once all Items have been added to the Cart, click or touch the CHECKOUT button
  • Select a Payment Method: CashCheck, or Credit Card
  • Make the Payment. See How do I take a Payment on an Open Invoice? See ** in Notes here
  • Click or touch Continue
  • Click or touch OK
  • Optionally click or touch Print drop down and choose a print option and/or Return to Register.


* See What Type of Barcode Reader Works with RecDesk?

** You may click Search or Add New to have this POS transaction placed under a specific Member's History (as opposed to a General Patron). This will also autofill name and address information on file, if credit card payment is made manually (not swiped). If the household credit account has enough funds to make a FULL PAYMENT, you will be asked at the top of the page if you would like to apply the credit to this sale. Payment splits on POS transactions are not available. When manually entering RecDesk Credit Card payments, Search for a Member to autofill name and address information on file.

*** Only Director and Assistant Director Roles can modify prices. Other roles need a Manager's Approval.


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