How do I Find a Reservation with the "Reservation Search?"



In this article, you will learn how to find a reservation by using the Reservation Search function

   Click on the Facilities Tab, click on Reservation Search, and select your search parameters.


General Information

The Reservation Search page allows you to filter search results by member namedate (or date range) of reservationfacility name or reservation ID.

The Reservation Search page shows details of the reservation as well as offering the following options:
  • Form Actions - View/Edit Forms and Print one or all Forms for Reservation
  • Print a Permit
  • Print Multiple Permits
  • Select check boxes to left of reservations and then choose Print Multiple Permits or Export details to Excel from the Actions drop down
  • Edit Entire Series (for reservations with multiple dates)
  • Edit Occurrence (a single date)


You can work with an existing Facility Reservation by selecting edit from the FlexCalendar.


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