How do I Create a Facility Reservation with FlexScheduler?



FlexScheduler is a method of scheduling your facilities or just blocking out times with or without fees in-house. 

  Before You Start

Before reserving a facility in house with FlexScheduler, Facility Fee Schedules must be set up. See How do I create a Facility Fee Schedule for FlexScheduler?

   Facilities can be reserved with the FlexScheduler by navigating to the Flex Calendar and selecting the date you wish to reserve by clicking the Reserve button. Alternatively, you can go through the Quick Actions button to Process New Reservation. The advantage of going through the Flex Calendar is to be able to view all surrounding facilities and avoid any scheduling conflicts. 

Creating an in-house reservation with FlexScheduler:

Basic Workflow

  1. Enter a Reservation Title (required)
  2. Optionally add a Customer 
  3. Set the Privacy setting
    • Private – Default Setting - Details NOT viewable on Community Calendar; Community portal will show "reserved"
    • Public – All reservation details viewable on Community Calendar
  4. Select a Status from the drop down (Note: currently only Approved is available)
  5. Reservation Color: If you'd like to change the calendar color for this reservation from the default color, click on the color box drop down, select a new color, and click choose. To clear a color and make it black, click on the X in the upper right of the color selection box.
  6. Optionally add a Note and/or a Private Note 
    • Click + Add Private Note and enter the private note for internal use only
    • Private Notes are typically used for staff notes and will not be seen by the public
  7. Click Continue


Select the Facility/Facilities

  1. Choose a Facility from the drop down (required)
  2. Choose a Group Size (required)
  3. Optionally add a Line Description
  4. If you'd like to add another Facility to this reservation, click on Add Another Facility and repeat (adding another facility here will align all dates and times)
  5. Click Continue


Select Dates and Times

  1. Select Single Date OR Recurring
  2. Enter Start date and Start Time and End Date and End Time (required)
  3. For Recurring Reservations
    • Choose repeat pattern by selecting Repeats from the drop down
    • If Daily selected
      • Choose the Repeats every # days interval
      • Set the Ends After occurrences or Ends On date
    • If Weekly selected
      • Choose the Repeats every # weeks interval
      • Select the days that it repeats
      • Set the Ends After occurrences or Ends On date
    • If Monthly selected
      • Choose the Repeats every # months interval
      • Select the Repeat by option
      • Set the Ends After occurrences or Ends On date
  4. Click Continue


Set Fees (Optional-this step should be skipped if simply blocking out times that not available for rental - just hit Continue)

  1. If you'd like to set a fee for a Facility on this reservation, click to toggle on the Require fee switch for that Facility
    • Choose a Fee Type from the drop down
    • The default Fee Amount for that fee schedule will appear in the fee amount and can be overridden if your role allows it. Rate Type will be prefilled by the fee type chosen (Note: The auto-rate calculation will be done if Rate Type is Per Hour or Per Minute)
    • Optionally add a Security Deposit (Note: If the reservation is a recurring reservation, once you enter the Security Deposit, you have the option to Apply Security Deposit to all dates)
    • You can also optionally check off Include Setup/Teardown in Fee Calculation and the same fee chosen will be charged for the Setup and Teardown times (Note: this option is not available for per occurrence fee types)
  2. If this Facility has optional Add On Fees, check off the Add On Fee Type, enter Quantity, and optionally override the default Fee Amount for that add on fee if your role allows it
  3. Repeat for all Facilities requiring fees
  4. Click Continue


Review Reservation

  1. Review and edit any details
  2. Add a new time slot (Note: This is to add multiple facilities, dates and times to the same transaction)
  3. Edit Individual Reservation Occurrences by clicking on the pencil icon
  4. You can also delete time slot(s) by placing a checkmark in the boxes beside the time slot(s) to delete, and then clicking  Delete selected (x)
  5. Click Save Reservation

  Be sure to go to checkout and complete the process of creating the invoice and taking payment if a fee was required. 


If Conflicts are found, the occurrence(s) will be highlighted and the conflict will be listed below the occurrence. You can select individual occurrences and click  Delete selected, or you can click Save Reservation with conflicts.


If you are booking an internal booking, you do not need to assign a customer in the first screen, or toggle the fees on - both of those steps are optional.

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