How do I View Processed Reservation Requests?



In this article, you will learn how to view all or a filtered list of your Processed Reservation Requests.

  Click on Facilities, click on the Reservation Approval subtab, then click on the Processed subtab


How to See Processed Reservation Requests

  1. Optionally Filter and/or Sort the processed requests:
    • You can Filter by:
      • Last Name - type the Last Name and wait for a drop down list to appear, then select the member
      • Process Date - click on one or both dates and select from the calendar, or type a date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Note: The Default is the past month, and can display up to a year
      • Facility - select it from the drop down
      • Status - select one of the following from the drop down:
        • Approved 
        • Denied
  2. After changing your filters, click Apply Search.

Viewing Specific Information on Processed Reservation Requests

Click/Hover on one of the following links to view that information for a Processed Reservation Request:

  • Member Name - links to the member's profile/household;
  • Facility Name - links to the Facility info for the facility on the processed reservation request;
  • Approved - links to the approved reservation info. If you hover your mouse over the word "Approved", you will see the approved reservation's Use;
  • Processed Date - if you hover on the date, you can see the Processed Time.
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