What is the Invoice List?



You can Search for any Invoice in RecDesk from the Invoice List.

   From the Money tab, click on the Invoice List button. This takes you to the Search Invoices page.

How to use the Invoice List

The Invoice List can be filtered by different invoice statuses. The Invoice Status options are:

  • All - Lists all Invoices
  • Open - (Default) Lists all Unpaid Invoices 
  • Overdue (30,60, 90 days) - Lists all Overdue Invoices
  • Paid - Lists all Paid Invoices
  • Closed - Lists all Invoices which have been Closed out

Optional Standard Search Parameters

  • Ivoice Number
  • Household ID
  • Last Name
  • Date ranges

Optional Search Parameters Under Show Advanced Options:

  • If the invoice contains Programs, Memberships, Reservations, or POS Items
  • If the invoice is/is not on a Payment Plan
  • Customer viewed, or opened Status
  • If the invoice contains programs with a specific Program Type (Category)
  • If the invoice contains line items assigned to a specific GL Code

Click Apply Search


This search is very helpful for printing or sending muliple invoices.


Open - The Invoice is not yet paid in full
Overdue - The Invoice is not yet paid in full, and it is past its Due Date
Paid - Payment has been made in full
Closed - The Invoice has been manually closed out (possibly due to being a noncollectable debt)
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