Can I send Multiple Invoices at one time?



Multiple invoices of your choice can be emailed to the customers at once for payment online

  From the Dashboard, click on the Money tab and then on the sub menu of the Invoice List


Sending Multiple Invoices for Online Payment

  • Navigate to the Invoice List and filter the list if desired (see Invoice List);
  • To select All Invoices on the list to send, check the box beside the column headers;
  • To select Individual or Multiple invoices to send, check the box(es) next to the Invoice Number(s);
  • Click Actions, then choose Send Selected Invoices. An Invoice Template will appear with a list of all the Invoice Numbers and Email Addresses of the recipients;
  • To Preview how an email will display, click the Preview button next to it.


If you wish to Customize your email see How Do I Customize an Email to a Member?

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