How do I Edit an Invoice?



Invoices can be edited by searching for the Invoice from the Invoice List and then clicking on the Invoice Number.

  Before You Start

Locate the invoice you wish to edit by doing an invoice search (see How do I Find an Invoice?)


Editing an Invoice

  • Click on the Edit button
  • Editing information specific to the entire Invoice:
    • Customer Name defaults to the person assigned to Head of Household; this can be changed by choosing any other family members from the drop down list
    • Invoice Date defaults to the date the Invoice was created; this can also be changed
    • Due Date also defaults to the date the Invoice was created, but can be modified here as well
  • Editing item specific Invoice information:
    • Click on the Edit button for the item to be changed
    • Change (increase) the Unit PriceSecurity Deposit, and/or Sales Tax amounts/rate
    • To change the amount to be decreased, you must perform a refund on the item first, and then you can modify the amount to less (see How do I Process a Refund?)
    • Click OK
  • Click Save
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