How do I Send a Client their Invoice for Payment?



An Invoice can be sent to a Customer to view or pay the Invoice Online.

  From the Dashboard, click on the Money tab, Invoice List and select the invoice you wish to send. 


How to send an invoice to a patron for online payment:

    1. View the Invoice
    2. Click on the Actions drop down and choose Send Invoice to Customer
    3. You will then be editing an email that contains the public link to the Invoice which reads, "Go to Invoice now: Invoice #invoice number"
    4. You can modify the email in any way that you'd like, but be sure to include the public link to the Invoice
    5. Click Send


Once the customer clicks on the public link to the Invoice, he/she will be allowed to pay the Invoice by credit card. If a balance exists in the Household Credit Account, the customer can opt to apply the Household Credit to the Invoice payment.

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