How do I Make a Payment on an Open Invoice?



Once the amount is set for your Invoice Payment, you will be ready to make your payment. You can do this process immediately following a registration/enrollment/reservation process, or you can navigate to an existing open invoice from the Money tab's submenu Invoice List. Click on the Invoice Number, and then click Make Payment.

  Click Pay In Full: $XXX.XX or Make a Partial Payment


Pay In Full

  1. A Payment Confirmation Email will be sent by default. If you don't want to send one, remember to uncheck Send a Confirmation Email on the top-right of the payment screen.
  2. If the household has a current credit balance (see * for important POS note here), you will be prompted to use the credit balance at the top of the payment page. Click Apply Credit to this payment if you'd like to make this payment from the Household Credit Account.
  3. The Member Making Payment will default to the Head of Household. You can change this to another Member of the same Household (by choosing him/her from the drop down), by clicking Search to choose another Member outside of that Household, or by clicking Add New.
  4. Choose a Payment Method from the drop-down. The options are:
    • Cash - you will be prompted to enter the Amount Tendered. Click continue and you will see the amount of change due.
    • RecDesk Credit Card - the Payment Method that will allow for integrated credit card processing against your merchant account. This is the most commonly used method for credit card payments.
    • Internal Credit Card - a method for recording credit card payments that are performed using legacy methods using older equipment and/or readers not integrated with RecDesk. Although Internal Credit Card payments are not processed through RecDesk,  specifying this payment method allows you to record and track these transactions in RecDesk.
    • Check - you will be prompted to enter a Check Number.
    • Stored Payment Option (only available on gateway). See How do I set up a Household Stored Payment Option? to add options to this list.
  5. Optionally add a Note to the Payment.
  6. Click Continue, and if everything looks good, click OK to confirm payment.

Make a Partial Payment 


    1. Select which items to make partial payments on by entering the amounts on each line item; then click Continue
    2. Complete all Pay In Full steps.


  • If you select to take a RecDesk (integrated) Credit Card, you will be able to manually add the information, or can select to Swipe the card info by clicking Swipe Card Data and swiping the card through a credit card reader that is attached through USB to your computer (Card Present). See What Credit Card Readers Work with RecDesk?
  • If you'd like to split a payment and pay with multiple payment options (cash, check, etc.), you can Make a Partial Payment multiple times.


Some non-standard gateways either do not support Card Present transactions or are not enabled to do so with RecDesk. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

* For POS SALES, you will only be prompted to use the household credit if the household account balance can cover the cost of the POS sale IN FULL.

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