How can I take payment at one time for Multiple Invoices (Merging Invoices)?



RecDesk allows you to Merge Invoices. You are allowed to Merge any OpenOverdue or Paid Invoice with any other Open, Overdue or Paid Invoice within a Household. This is the method you will use if you wish for someone to pay for multiple invoices in one transaction.

  From the Money tab, Invoice List, view the Invoice that you'd like to Merge into another Invoice 


How to Merge invoices for multiple invoice payment:

    1. View the Invoice that you'd like to Merge into another Invoice 
    2. Click on the Actions drop down and choose Merge this Invoice with Another
    3. You will then see a list of all OpenOverdue and Paid Invoices in reverse chronological order by Invoice Number for the Household in which the original Invoice exists
    4. You may optionally click on the Invoice Number to view that Invoice (will open in another tab/window of browser)
    5. Click the Select button beside the Invoice you wish to Merge into and click Merge Now
    6. A message will appear stating "This action is irreversible. Are you sure you want to merge these Invoices?"
    7. Click OK to confirm
    8. The Invoice you selected to Merge into will now be displayed with all Line items, Notes, Payments and History combined on that one Invoice.  


  • The original Invoice will now be marked as "Closed" with a link to the Invoice into which it was merged. To see all Closed Invoices, see the Invoice list and filter for Closed status. 
  • Payment Plans do not get merged automatically. Please be sure to add/update the payment plan after the merge is completed.
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