What is Embed Code and Where Can I Get it?



In this article you will learn what embed code is and where to get it.

Embed Code and Where to Get It

Embed code is HTML source code provided by third party photo/video sharing sites that enable you to display shared pictures/videos on your RecDesk website. You can often get the embed code by clicking the Share button on the uploaded photo in the photo sharing site and then clicking "Embed", "Embed Code", "<>" or "</>". See Tips here.

Example 1: Getting Embed Code from Flickr

  1. Go to www.flickr.com, sign into your existing Yahoo account or create a free Yahoo acount, and upload your photos
  2. Make sure Owner Settings are set to Visible to everyone
  3. Click on the photo
  4. Click on the Share arrow  on the bottom right-hand side of the screen
  5. Click Embed
  6. Click on the box containing the HTML code; it will turn blue
  7. Right-click on the blue highlighted code and click Copy (or click ctrl+c to copy it to the clipboard)
  8. See Once I Have Embed Code, where and How Can I Insert It?

Example 2: Getting Embed Code from Canva

  1. Go to www.canva.com sign in or create a free acount
  2. Click on Create a Design
  3. Make your design with existing images (feel free to use their available templates for help)
  4. Click Share
  5. Scroll down and Click More
  6. Click Embed - Copy HTML embedded code
  7. See Once I Have Embed Code, where and How Can I Insert It?

Example 3: Getting Embed Code from YouTube

  1. Go to youtube.com, and upload your video
  2. Click on  SHARE on the bottom of the video
  3. Under More options, click Embed
  4. In the Embed Video box on the right, click on the code (<iframe width...) and click COPY on the bottom right of the box
  5. See Once I Have Embed Code, where and How Can I Insert It?

Example 4: Getting Embed Code from iframely

  1. Go to https://iframely.com/try/, and use the URL for your image. This URL can come from any source.
  2. Click on Copy Code
  3. See Once I Have Embed Code, where and How Can I Insert It?

Example 5: Use our own Google Sheet Creation (best for bulk emails)

  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T8EWRk2I8QgNqX_8ThKZge9bMWqxZlOJ5Ahdrs1RUAI/copy
  2. Instructions are in the Google Sheet above



  • See list of photo sharing sites at Wikipedia- List of photo sharing sites. These sites are dedicated to organizing and sharing photos (or in the case of YouTube - video) and can provide a much better user experience than simply uploading a photo to RecDesk. In most instances, these services are free. These sites provide detailed instructions for working with and creating embedded content from their services.
  • Be sure to make your photos/videos visible to everyone by changing the owner settings (share them to the public).
  • See another way to embed images HERE.
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